By popular request I have posted this short yet comprehensive guide to hopefully, provide help and advice to crystal / crystal wand keepers. The information is probably more focused towards new keepers of crystals / crystal wands who are starting their crystal journey ~ but perhaps long-term keepers may also find it of interest. If English is not your first language please don't worry ~ the data is written in standard middle English, and all words can be referred to the correct corresponding dictionary. * N.B.* ~ As a simple yet necessary safety note, please be aware of the power of the light emitted from the Sun and reflected by the Moon ( see below in the section " Charging " ) BEFORE any charging or outdoor ritual is undertaken : --


Crystals are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy. One of their functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. If you leave your crystals to do this without regular ( when possible ) cleansing, most become saturated and unable to do their work, though a few are self-cleansing. Dedicating and programming your crystals by cleansing, meditating and charging them, keep's them happy and helps them to work more efficiently and effectively. This is part of the ritual of being a crystal / crystal wand keeper and working with crystals. As crystals are powerful being's in their own right, they function best when looked after properly. If this is done, they will be only too pleased to co-operate with you and makes it possible to attune more strongly to their energies. It will also enable your crystals to talk to you and show you how you can best use them to enhance your life and well being as well as promote a positive, healthy relationship between the crystal / crystal wand and its keeper.


Crystals should be cleansed when you buy them, when they tell you they need cleansing and after wearing or using for healing, ritual or other purposes. Some crystals are self-cleansing. Citrine is one of the more popular and widely available self-cleaning crystals. Clear Quartz cleanses other crystals and, is especially useful to cleanse delicate, fragile stones like Apopholite and Aragonite -- but may need cleaning themselves afterwards. A simple way to cleanse fragile or delicate stones like Apopholite and Aragonite is to leave them in a relatively quiet place whilst they are actually touching a Quartz point /Quartz wand overnight. The negative energies from the Apopholite or Aragonite with be naturally drawn to the Quartz point / Quartz wand. To cleanse crystals - carefully place them in a glass bowl and completley cover the crystals with water, then sprinkle in a small amount of sea or rock salt, the purer the water and salt - the better the results. Water and salt used that is gathered from ancient sacred place's and natural energy point's tend to produce a more concentrated, in-depth cleansing. Leave overnight and taking care not to cause any damage rinse extremely well with cold running water the following day. Any salt remaining on the crystal may cause damage if left. Gently brush the crystal with a really soft brush when almost dry, making sure no salt is left in difficult area's or corner's. To cleanse a Quartz point that is part of a wand - gently place the crystal in a narrow glass or champange flute with the Quartz point pointing downwards and the wand shaft facing upwards, making sure it is stable, safe and secure. Carefully fill the glass with water making sure not to fill the glass so that the wooden part of the wand or the leather binding's on the crystal wand are immersed, add a small amount of rock or sea salt and leave overnight in a quiet place. Again, taking care not to cause any damage, thoroughly rinse with water and brush off any remaining salt accordingly the next day. Whilst the crystals are left overnight - focus and hold the intention that all negativity will be washed away and the crystals re-energised. Alternatively - gently immerse your crystal or the crystal part of a wand repeatedly in the sea, taking care of your grip on the crystal or wand and the strong waves, the alternating water level and the uneven natural shoreline - if cleansing the Quartz point of a crystal wand this way, please take extra care not to immerse the wooden part of the wand or the leather binding's. It is worth remembering that cleansing crystals this way can be performed at the waters edge, where it may be more practical than in deeper water. Make sure you have the ability to rinse with fresh, clean water and brush excess salt from the crystals soon after exiting the sea. *-- Considering the hazards connected to cleansing crystals in the sea - it should only be done when time and weather permit's, and also as a special treat for your crystals or crystal wand ( maybe once or twice a year ? ). The safer alternative for crystal cleansing at home is often best. *-- There are various purpose made cleanser's available commercially but as it is quite simple to make the same thing yourself and, as you can also personally guarantee the naturalness of the ingredients used, this is a more practical, kinder option.